Sunday, June 17, 2012

that girl

i got to see DANA this weekend!

i don't know how we ended up going for so long without a visit {we're only 2 hours apart} and our phone chatting skills have been less than stellar these days- dah- thanks a lot, life...

but for a few hours on saturday, sitting on a very windy beach, while the guys chatted and had a beer, we were able to just be, which happens to be my favorite thing to do with this girl. 


 great to see you, my friend.

{i have to add a shameless plug for a friend: photo cred for ALL of the wedding pics you see on this site goes to dana's main man, nick...he is a slammin photographer with a great eye for catching a moment}

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  1. love the new look! gorgeous pic on the water. can't wait to see your new projects...post some pics of what you create.
    and yes, we totally need to have a thrift day asap. i'll email you some dates and see what we can come up with.


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