Sunday, June 3, 2012

new orleans

a few weeks back we were guests of a fabulous couple getting married in new orleans, louisiana- such a great place for a destination wedding!

the groom is a good friend of j's from way back when, and we couldn't adore his wife heather more.

for anyone who hasn't been to NOLA, it is a city unlike any other.  the culture is all it's own: part southern, part caribbean, ALL louisiana.  the food is amazing, the scenery is gorgeous, and i can safely say this city has something for everyone.

we had a few days to ourselves before the festivities, so we did what we do best: ate and drank whilst strolling, of course.  we spent our fair share of time in the french quarter, however the college kid in us has long since graduated, so we took some walks to other less-tourist populated parts of town, namely the garden district.

maybe it's just me, but i was blown away at the beauty and variety of the doors in this city.  yes, doors{do i need to get out more??}  anyway, they were amazing, so i snapped a few lot...hope you enjoy my little montage!

so much turquoise!  love it.

ah.  my silly husband.

the stunning bride...she surprised her husband with a song. and she is GOOD.

so that's my little walking tour of nola for ya...hope to be back before too long...


  1. We have some family there, and were finally able to do a little visit about 2 years ago. It def has its own culture :) Awesome pictures, btw :)

  2. Hy doll! This is beautiful! Do you wanna follow each other on GFC? and like on facebook? Kisses from Romania!


  3. WAY cool pictures! Glad it was such a great trip. :)


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