Saturday, August 31, 2013

fall wishing

The D'orsay Flat

i loooove the fall: favorite season, hands down.

to me, there are few things better than apple cider, pumpkins, warm sweaters, boots, soups, crock-pot meals, a birthday, pulling out the chimenea and roasting marshmallows, i could go on.

instead, i will share a few things i've noticed around the net that i think are just perfect for this upcoming season.

{you will notice some of the below are clearly the result of wishful thinking, unless these things come in "larger than a house" sizes...but a girl can dream} 
i love these cutaway shoes...i wonder if they're comfy?

Image 1 of ASOS Maternity Slim Crop Pant

i've never been a huge dot fan,
but this sweater somehow isn't 
too cutesy.  i could do this.
finally!  i have been dying to find some cute
maternity pants.  just ordered these.
also FYI asos is having a 20% off sale for all 
full-priced items through Monday...code: Summer4Ever

i take a 7 in case anyone is feeling  
particularly generous (:

what are some of your favorite things about fall?

green vase cleaner

i don't usually love showcasing my dirty dishes, but for the sake of a new green clean trick, i will make an exception. 

you know how sometimes vases get a little grungy?  i wash them after my flowers fade, but still there is that little something left in there clouding up the glass.

exhibit A

well, my mom recently told me about the perfect thing to take care of this problem, and all you need is warm water and a little borax {seen below modeled by one of my favorite bowls...have i told you that my mother-in-law makes all of our dishes?  no?  good...now i have a new post idea (: }

i used about a quarter of a cup of borax.

mix this into your vase and add warm water.

scrub your little heart out   let it sit for a bit if you so desire. rinse, dry, and prepare yourself for the upcoming sparkle.

maybe this is only exciting for me b/c now i have a clean vase, but i think it's a pretty neat trick.

happy green cleaning!

Monday, August 26, 2013

25 weeks.

 we are one week closer to meeting our little girl.  

lately she has been practicing her aerobics, and putting on some serious baby fat {bring it on}.

i keep reminding myself {daily...hourly?} to slow down...she will be here so soon, and all of these special little kicks and turns will be out there for everyone to enjoy.  i can't wait to see what kind of a personality she has, whether she gets his eyebrows or my toes, what her favorite snack will be, what kind of music she likes falling asleep to...

you name it, i wonder about it.

now, i believe someone mentioned a snack...

Thursday, August 22, 2013

j loves c.

i'm pretty sure our friends couldn't have picked a better day, place, time than they did.  this wedding was right on.  the best part truly, was how honest the day was to the two of them...this is what made it the most special.

here are a few snaps of the day...congratulations jonathan & claire!


the venue: valhalla
the beautiful bride & groom

we all left notes on jenga pieces in lieu of a guestbook!
virginia crew represent!
no, i'm not kidding...they had a pie table.  don't ask me how many i tried.  i won't tell you.   {ok ok, it was 3...the baby made me do it.}

this wedding was just perfect...and we wish them nothing but the best.

thanks for letting us be a part of your day you two!

Sunday, August 18, 2013


we got in from tahoe late last night- it was a blast.  i can't wait to put up some pics from the week.

we ate {so much}, we visited with good friends, went sailing on lake tahoe, and the wedding...oh my word: the wedding was stunning.

i will post more soon, however while i rest {and attempt the 239084 loads of laundry staring me in the face}, here are a few snaps to tide you over.

i hope you are enjoying your weekend!


stopped at this beach for an afternoon swim with friends

the husband-to-be and the experienced husband

wedding venue

hellllooo belly

Monday, August 12, 2013

24 weeks.

we begin our 24th week this wednesday.

technically, my doctor will tell you that we're now 23 weeks because that's how many we've completed, but i like to look ahead so here's to 24!

i can hardly believe she will be here in a short 16 weeks - it's so soon.  are we ready?  i'll tell you the honest truth: we're getting there.  i can't pretend to know anything about what we're walking into, but i am excited, and i am glad to be going at it with this guy.

is he cute or what?
{also, i hope that our kids get his photogenic qualities...the man cannot take a bad picture}

superficial reasons aside, i can't wait to see how much our little lady resembles her dad, inside and out.  i have a feeling she's going to inherit his laid-back attitude, and i hope she gets his clear-headedness.   thinking about it all gives me the warm fuzzies for sure.

how's that for foxy pajamas?  this is how to keep 'em coming back, ladies.
^^here we have a sneak-attack belly shot for your enjoyment and all of posterity^^

right now we are packing for our trip to south lake tahoe this wednesday- cannot wait!  it'll be a quick trip, but we are pumped for some mountain hikes, maybe a sailing trip on the lake, and of course celebrating two sweet friends on their wedding day. 

hope you're enjoying your monday!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

wanted: bookshelf.

i'm currently looking for a bookshelf for our baby's nursery.  the room is pretty cozy as is, so i feel like a standing shelf is not in the cards.

this link has some fun inspiration, but most are too big for our space {it is fun to dream about them though}.

so far, here are some of my small-space faves...what do you think?
20% OFF - 2 Sconce Bookshelves with Oil Candles. home and garden, furniture, bookshelf 
 ...by the way, have you read The Alchemist?  seriously good book...my husband and i read this together, and we both loved the new ideas it opened in our minds.

Spiral Bookshelf- Medium

Bookshelf Wall Hanging Red Distressed set of 3
...this one is giving me the most ideas so far.  i may even be able to rig something like this up myself, if i can find the right materials...

have any favorites/ good ideas?  send them on over (:

Thursday, August 8, 2013

edamame gets all fancy.

these days i'm always up for a snack.

here is one of my attempts at a quick, healthy little something.

edamame, lemon, red pepper flakes, salt...presto snack-o.

prepare edamame according to package directions.
squeeze the juice from 1 lemon over pods.
sprinkle lightly with kosher salt & red chili pepper flakes.

happy eating!