Sunday, August 11, 2013

wanted: bookshelf.

i'm currently looking for a bookshelf for our baby's nursery.  the room is pretty cozy as is, so i feel like a standing shelf is not in the cards.

this link has some fun inspiration, but most are too big for our space {it is fun to dream about them though}.

so far, here are some of my small-space faves...what do you think?
20% OFF - 2 Sconce Bookshelves with Oil Candles. home and garden, furniture, bookshelf 
 ...by the way, have you read The Alchemist?  seriously good book...my husband and i read this together, and we both loved the new ideas it opened in our minds.

Spiral Bookshelf- Medium

Bookshelf Wall Hanging Red Distressed set of 3
...this one is giving me the most ideas so far.  i may even be able to rig something like this up myself, if i can find the right materials...

have any favorites/ good ideas?  send them on over (:


  1. have you thought about hanging cubes? ikea also has great, cheap (but aesthetically pleasing) options. i was thinking of doing something like your last option, but we ended up with waaaay too many books. i've seen this and really like


    but it is $$$$. finally, i like having the books easily accessible to c now, she loves to just sit and pull some out and read. just a few things to consider. i'm always up for advice giving, warranted or not. :)

    1. great idea, mary! i had not thought of the cubes- i will have to look into those. {also, how cute is that PB rack...}

      and i love the advice...keep it coming! (:


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