Monday, August 12, 2013

24 weeks.

we begin our 24th week this wednesday.

technically, my doctor will tell you that we're now 23 weeks because that's how many we've completed, but i like to look ahead so here's to 24!

i can hardly believe she will be here in a short 16 weeks - it's so soon.  are we ready?  i'll tell you the honest truth: we're getting there.  i can't pretend to know anything about what we're walking into, but i am excited, and i am glad to be going at it with this guy.

is he cute or what?
{also, i hope that our kids get his photogenic qualities...the man cannot take a bad picture}

superficial reasons aside, i can't wait to see how much our little lady resembles her dad, inside and out.  i have a feeling she's going to inherit his laid-back attitude, and i hope she gets his clear-headedness.   thinking about it all gives me the warm fuzzies for sure.

how's that for foxy pajamas?  this is how to keep 'em coming back, ladies.
^^here we have a sneak-attack belly shot for your enjoyment and all of posterity^^

right now we are packing for our trip to south lake tahoe this wednesday- cannot wait!  it'll be a quick trip, but we are pumped for some mountain hikes, maybe a sailing trip on the lake, and of course celebrating two sweet friends on their wedding day. 

hope you're enjoying your monday!


  1. Your hubby is pretty photogenic! And I love the belly pic! You are looking great! I am not sure you can ever be "ready" for a baby, but trying is a great step. BTW, are you registered anywhere?

    1. thanks em (: yes, we are registered @ target and on 'babyli.st' - have you heard of this site? it's awesome- it's like a registry & pinterest rolled into one!

  2. aww yay! she'll be here before you know it!!

    1. ahh...i know, i have to keep reminding myself (:


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