Saturday, August 31, 2013

green vase cleaner

i don't usually love showcasing my dirty dishes, but for the sake of a new green clean trick, i will make an exception. 

you know how sometimes vases get a little grungy?  i wash them after my flowers fade, but still there is that little something left in there clouding up the glass.

exhibit A

well, my mom recently told me about the perfect thing to take care of this problem, and all you need is warm water and a little borax {seen below modeled by one of my favorite bowls...have i told you that my mother-in-law makes all of our dishes?  no?  good...now i have a new post idea (: }

i used about a quarter of a cup of borax.

mix this into your vase and add warm water.

scrub your little heart out   let it sit for a bit if you so desire. rinse, dry, and prepare yourself for the upcoming sparkle.

maybe this is only exciting for me b/c now i have a clean vase, but i think it's a pretty neat trick.

happy green cleaning!

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  1. I use borax in my homemade laundry detergent :) Never thought to use it in a vase... I'll have to try it :)


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