Saturday, March 30, 2013

hey there, saturday.

you are kind of a bonus day today, saturday.

we had yesterday off from work, and it sure felt like a saturday in its own right. 

we treated it as such, too. 

we started our 2013 garden...yes, starting with cool-weather crops this year: ambitions, i know.

spent some time cleaning up the yard, weeding, mulching, and also enjoying doing this with a t-shirt instead of a sweatshirt...i see you over there spring, you cannot hide!

met my mom for an early evening of shopping- she found some sassy duds (:

then we made a great dinner: grilled chicken, sauteed kale, & grilled bread {have you ever grilled bread?  try it, immediately...it will change your life - just don't take your eye off of it, b/c bread likes to get crispy quickly}

so then today?  well, i slept in until 10, hah.  i never do that, but i felt like it.  and?  stuff was already done from yesterday, so i didn't feel like i was being too lazy...right? 

looking forward to seeing what else today holds- hope you're enjoying the weekend as well!

Sunday, March 10, 2013


this is probably the first year that i haven't kvetched about having to set my clocks ahead an hour.  if it means spring will be here that much faster, bring it on.  i don't know why i'm so anxious for warm weather this year, but i definitely plan to make the most of it!  today it is supposed to top out at 59 on the shores of VA, which means we will be bundling up and heading out on a long bike ride.  {the need for this bike ride is also a direct result of the obscene amount of girl scout cookies we've been eating this week...}

how are you celebrating the oncoming sunshine?

these crazy flowers bloom all summer on our fence...cannot wait to see them soon!