Saturday, April 12, 2014

four months.

our little juliet is four months old today.  i am constantly torn between wanting to freeze time and being impatient for what's next: as fun as she was yesterday, today brings even more surprises.

we are so lucky to have you, baby girl - keep being your sweet little self! 

j's favorite way to wear a onesie

Saturday, April 5, 2014


as you may have guessed, i am now back at work, and therefore not blessed with much time to, say, update the blog.  i'm working on it though.  time management remains a major goal of mine. 

i have so many different feelings about being back at work, and i'm not sure i have them all together yet to share.  bottom line: i am working, and i am happy to contribute my skills, and the bacon that i bring home helps keep juliet in diapers: all good things.  however as with anything in life, there is a flip-side.  suffice it to say i'm torn.  i can't express things quite as eloquently as i'd like, but hopefully soon i'll be able to share my thoughts and also get some perspective from other working moms out there. 

this all being said, we make it our number one priority to enjoy every second of our evenings and weekends with miss juliet.  each little moment is so precious...well, the 1am diaper change may be on the low end of precious, but it's still not so bad. 

cuddles: there is nothing better

developmentally, juliet is in the land of almosts.  she's almost ready to roll over...she is so close!  and she really wants to sit up by herself.  we've caught a few giggles out of her lately, but the instant we turn on the video camera she clams right up.  dah!  we'll catch her soon.   she has her 4 month checkup later this month, and i can't wait to see how much she weighs: baby girl likes her groceries!  so far still nursing 100% {going to see if we can make it to 6 months exclusively breastfeeding and then introduce some solids}, and i'm happy to say i've been able to keep up with her appetite.  she is a champ sleeper - i'm hesitant to tell you how long she sleeps at night because i really don't want to jinx it - it's good...it's very good.  also, juliet is a chatterbox!  i guess it's because i tend to provide a running narrative of her life - oh we're changing your socks?  well, let's talk about it! 

i know this hasn't been much by way of an update, but i promise to try to keep this space more up-to-date with juliet goings-on.

thanks for staying tuned!

hey mom!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

coffee with the girls

a few weeks ago, we met up for coffee with two of my best friends - juliet fit right in.

it's getting so fun taking her places now -unless she's totally pooped, she's generally good to go anywhere and is pretty interested in what's going on. 

now that the weather is finally warming up, i'm looking forward to many more outings with my little lady.