Saturday, April 12, 2014

four months.

our little juliet is four months old today.  i am constantly torn between wanting to freeze time and being impatient for what's next: as fun as she was yesterday, today brings even more surprises.

we are so lucky to have you, baby girl - keep being your sweet little self! 

j's favorite way to wear a onesie


  1. Oh my good golly, she's getting chunky! And her bottom lip is so cute and pouty. And the fuzzy hair! Ok, so I may be a little obsessed with your sweet little girl. :) I just wish I was closer to you to have fun being mommies together. It's such a great stage in life to share with dear friends! Keep the pictures coming.

    1. i wish we were closer too! we'll have to get anna and juliet together sometime somehow. and yes, she uses that pouty lip to her benefit for sure! i am toast anytime she puts it out.

  2. so I kind of want to enter her in a cutest baby contest... they have those right?

  3. Juliet - love that name! She's a beauty :)


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