hi, i'm stephanie - thanks for stopping by!

as the title of this blog suggests, i love to travel and eat.  if tony bourdain ever needs a sidekick, i am available. {not kidding: i may even have some demo tapes available...just in case}

  as luck would have it, i'm fortunate to have found someone who enjoys these finer points of life as much as i do!  we were married in 2011, and currently make our home on the shores of VA, which is great, since we love being close to the ocean.  from may through september, don't even call- just come on over.  we will save you a seat on the sand. 

in december 2013 we welcomed miss juliet alexis to the fam.  she is our best friend and greatest achievement.  

we have a pretty good idea of what makes us happy in life- staying healthy, reading good books, and always being game for an adventure.  this little corner of the net is our place to collect our thoughts on those and other topics.

i hope you enjoy following along, glad you made it!

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