Monday, July 29, 2013


i love cheese.  so much so, that last christmas, one of my gifts from my husband was a slice of my favorite {humbolt fog} fresh from our newly-opened whole foods.  

i am making a cheese board for a little shin-dig at our place this weekend, so i thought i'd give my two cents on what makes a good selection.

1. the stinkier the better!  ok not always, but don't turn down a bite that doesn't smell like ye olde cheddar.  there are so many interesting flavors out there- go for it!

2. make sure there is a variety- not just of flavors, but of origins...namely: cow, goat and sheep.  personally, goat cheese is my fave: i love the slight grassiness, and they are usually very creamy and rich.  everything i want in my queso.

3. add some extras.  there is always the requisite bread/ crackers, but i also like adding fruit, honey, jam, nuts, meat, etc to the mix.  i really don't think you can go wrong.

4. you don't have to spend a fortune: with the exception of the humbolt fog {which is on the pricey side, i will admit}, all of the cheeses below came from trader joe's...and you know joe loves a bargain.

here is a peek of a board i made a little bit ago...sorry i can't remember the orange one, but it was great! 

  photo 5135cf60-09a0-4f14-a5fd-fbd7053a108b_zps0c15b539.jpg

as always, happy eating!

super {green} stain-remover

happy monday!

you can call it nesting, but really i just love to clean.  and when i find a good product, i love to share.

in honor of our much-anticipated little mess-maker, i want to share one of my new favorite tips. 

i found this recipe on one of my favorite family/ DIY blogs, pink pistachio.  i adore missy's blog, not to mention the pics of her sweet little guys.  well, her stain-removal recipe looked awesome, if not a little too good to be true. 

so i scrounged up some dirty bits and gave it a try.  i modified the recipe slightly, using a squirt of castile soap in place of the method dish-soap {keeping it super green, and cheap}...to put it simply: it works.  to gush:  it's just about the most amazing thing to enter my laundry room.  i actually went around hunting for clothes {some of which were already washed, hah} which had stubborn stains on them.  this stain remover will take out grease, set in sweat {from the men, b/c i know you know that we ladies don't sweat}, tomatoes, bbq, grass stains, red wine, you name it. 

here you have it:

2 tablespoons baking soda
3 tablespoons hydrogen peroxide
1 squirt of castile soap {you don't need much}

mix those together, scrub into the stain with a clean toothbrush, let sit for 30-45 minutes, then wash as normal.  no problem to wash the treated items non-treated clothes, and i have tried this on all colors- no fading!  it's quite possibly magic. 

here is an example of a recent blueberry stain...missy took MUCH better pictures than i did {my laundry is clearly not photogenic}, so swing on by to her blog and check out this post.  happy laundry-ing (:

the offending stain
scrub it up!


Saturday, July 27, 2013

it's a...

girl!  we're having a girl!

we're beyond excited to be welcoming this little lady into our family this december.

if i can judge by her sweet little kicks, she's pretty jazzed about joining team moger as well. 

thanks for all of the well-wishes - we are all healthy & happy over here...if not a little impatient (:

the holidays are going to be so good this year!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

we have news!

it seems that our garden is not the only thing growing over here...

18 weeks

yes!  we are having a baby!!

don't let my expression fool you- we are thrilled!  i was at the moment however, slightly more excited to get inside and eat some burgers than to pose for pictures, but the light was just right and we couldn't resist, yada yada...

so we have it!  our first bump picture!  i think it's a cute little bump, but i am likely biased. 

we are over the moon.

come on, december!!