Monday, July 29, 2013


i love cheese.  so much so, that last christmas, one of my gifts from my husband was a slice of my favorite {humbolt fog} fresh from our newly-opened whole foods.  

i am making a cheese board for a little shin-dig at our place this weekend, so i thought i'd give my two cents on what makes a good selection.

1. the stinkier the better!  ok not always, but don't turn down a bite that doesn't smell like ye olde cheddar.  there are so many interesting flavors out there- go for it!

2. make sure there is a variety- not just of flavors, but of origins...namely: cow, goat and sheep.  personally, goat cheese is my fave: i love the slight grassiness, and they are usually very creamy and rich.  everything i want in my queso.

3. add some extras.  there is always the requisite bread/ crackers, but i also like adding fruit, honey, jam, nuts, meat, etc to the mix.  i really don't think you can go wrong.

4. you don't have to spend a fortune: with the exception of the humbolt fog {which is on the pricey side, i will admit}, all of the cheeses below came from trader joe's...and you know joe loves a bargain.

here is a peek of a board i made a little bit ago...sorry i can't remember the orange one, but it was great! 

  photo 5135cf60-09a0-4f14-a5fd-fbd7053a108b_zps0c15b539.jpg

as always, happy eating!


  1. I ate a whole humbolt fog wedge the other night...I'm not proud but it was delish! (don't remember it being exensive so maybe I got a baby size one. That'd make me feel better about eating the whole thing though!)

  2. that all looks delish. my brother loves to tell me that i smelled like cheese when i was born. hilarious!


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