Tuesday, May 6, 2014

just do it.

a few weeks ago, my sister heidi ran her cute little tush off in the nike women's half marathon in dc...i am still in awe.  that is some serious running! 

as a surprise, my mom arranged so juliet and i could be there to cheer her on.  we had so much fun!

i've always loved dc - we have a handful of friends there, so we're up at least once a year - there is so much to do, and the food...dc has some great food!  this time we took it easy and ordered in thai food...have you tried pad kee mao?  holy moly - i've ordered it the past three times we've had thai - it's that good.  anyway, even though this was a super quick trip, it was such a good time.

great job, heidi - we're so proud of you!
look at that form.


  1. Very cool! A fun surprise indeed!

  2. that's fantastic! and ps. i miss you--let's hang out soon!

  3. the greatest surprise! thanks again, Jordan for parting with your girls for a weekend to see me.
    -root root

  4. Yay for supporting your sister! And I am always impressed with runners! Too much laziness and bouncing going on for me :p


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