Thursday, June 7, 2012

a garden DIY

do you like to garden?  we do too, and we definitely learn something new each year.

this year, we feel pretty good about things.  we have a sturdy fence in place to keep out furry animals, we did more research on which plants play well with others, and we were able to start a good portion of our garden from seed this year, which we've been aiming to do for some time.

box #1: tomato, snap peas, velour beans

box #2: jalapenos, green pepper, cucumber, squash, bush beans, more peas

so since we started some of these plants as seeds, i needed to figure out a way to remember which row has which plant...here's what i came up with: quick, easy, inexpensive garden markers:

what you need:  a permanent marker, bamboo skewers {don't use any treated wood products, only natural}, and wine corks {champagne corks also worked really well, if you need a reason to celebrate ;) }

step one: what are you planting these days?
step two: poke the sharp end of the bamboo                                                                         done!
        skewer into the bottom of the cork

here's how they turned out for us...happy gardening!


  1. I would love to garden, but I am much too lazy. I don't like to weed, and it gets too dadgum hot. Plus watering?!?! You're crazy! But, you enjoy yours! They look lovely :)

  2. Well done! Love the cute markers too. :) Someday we'll garden, but for now, our neighbor has an AWESOME graden and gives us SOOO much produce! We'll continue to mooch off of him.

  3. look at you, fancy pants! love it. i'd love to say one day i'll garden, but let's be honest - i can barely keep the flower pots from costco alive on my front porch. also, i find going to the grocery store all too easy. darn convenience and good tv. those always conquer everything else (including, but not limited to cleaning my house and cooking decent meals).


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