Monday, June 18, 2012


so last night, j and i made our dads some fried chicken to celebrate their day.  it was, in a word, divine.

good people, good fun, good food: can you ask for more? 

jordan's mama brought over some potato salad, we had a green salad, and a caprese salad...um, just now realizing that our entire meal aside from chicken was salads...hmm.

anyhoo- tonight we were heating up the leftovers and it dawned on me: what goes really well with fried chicken?  biscuits, duh.  

and?  yes, i made biscuits.

in my very limited defense, i only made a half-batch.

as for my justification? i need none.  all i know is that it was delicious, and made my husband smile.

so happy eating, friends.  hope your monday has started off just as tastily.


  1. Are you doing the no carb thing? Good on ya... I could never give up my breads... at least I say that now. So glad you had a good Father's Day AND good Monday :)

    1. haha oh em we're not doing a "no-anything" thing when it comes to food...we are eaters (: ...hope you guys had a great father's day too! (:

  2. Well done! There's nothing wrong with lots of salads. :) I pretty much love leftover anything because it means less work.


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