Monday, April 9, 2012

this weekend

ah.  busy, but somehow relaxing weekend.

we got to see our niece, the adorable miss esther who was in town with her parents for passover.  this girl's eyes get wider and those cheeks get chubbier every time we see her...can't get enough.

{i made her that little headband.  every girl loves to accessorize}

saturday we did some much- needed housecleaning, then made pizzas on the grill, a surefire sign in this house that summer is on its way.  this is one of my absolute faves: sauteed leeks, tomatoes, basil, and goat cheese...and a little mozz to keep it all together.  love it.

and finally, we welcomed the great weather with a trip to the beach {just to read...still way too cold to swim...we checked} and a loooong bike ride through first landing state park on sunday.  seriously, how much do we love having that park so close? 

here's hoping the warm weather continues- we can't wait to have friends over to enjoy it with!!


  1. Sign me up as one of those friends! :) What a darling niece and headband.


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