Thursday, April 26, 2012

OH - IO!

last weekend we took a little trip to visit the one and only miss heidi!  heidi is living the life at ohio state, which let me tell you is unlike anywhere you've ever been.  the campus defies the word big.  not to mention it's smack in the middle of a really fun town.  we were definitely impressed with columbus...awesome city, great food, an incredible zoo...i'm running out of adjectives.  suffice it to say, it's worth the drive.  of course, the best part was hanging out with my little sister (:

we made a stop in good 'ol lexington va on our way up to see em & chad...poor em wasn't feeling well, but she put on a good face.  there's never a dull moment with those two.

a few tidbits...

stopped off at new river gorge in w.va on our way...gorgeous

very content after our lunch at ted's

columbus zoo has flamingos!

this one was way happy to see that the penguins were out

walking through the zoo...seriously, these two are a couple of peas in a pod

thanks for having us, heidi...can't wait to come back!!


  1. What a fun trip. I've never been to Ohio. It looks beautiful indeed!

  2. How am I just now finding out about your blog? Excited to read along!


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