Sunday, April 1, 2012

shout out!

so my mom and i scooted over to the ODU international festival this afternoon...so fun!  there were a lot of people there to scope it out, merchants, food vendors, it was a good time.

one of the merchants is a friend of mine from work who makes the coolest earrings.  they're paper mache- made entirely of recycled newspaper and then painted- they're all unique and as a bonus, they're super light.   she's always wearing them around the office, and i'm constantly bugging her about when i can get a pair.  well, mission accomplished.  i walked away with a pair for an upcoming bday gift, as well as some for my very own.

her etsy site doesn't have a huge selection yet, but her title banner gives you a good idea about the styles she makes.  check it out if you have a sec! (:

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