Monday, December 9, 2013

a little holiday cheer.

to be honest, i totally expected to be lacking all energy this holiday season and not want to do any sort of decorating...but somehow despite a pretty consistent 3-4 a.m. bout of insomnia, i seem to rally during the days.

i'm not saying martha is going to be knocking at my door asking for decor tips, but i am saying i'm happy with the little holiday touches i've been able to add to our house.

take a peek!

 ^^bringing our christmas tree home on our beloved station wagon, bubu^^

^^some of little girl's first books, camped out in the livingroom waiting for their audience^^

^^moravian molasses cookies^^

 ^^i love working with fresh greenery^^
 ^^nothing fancy, but i love little touches^^

 ^^ o christmas tree!^^

^^and a belly pic...b/c we are officially 40 weeks tomorrow!!^^

i hope you're all enjoying your monday!


  1. Dad's keeping me updated on the "bump front." haha he's so clever!

  2. so impressive, lady!!! glad you're feeling energetic!! get lots done now bc snuggle time comes next!!!

    1. haha "impressive" is being kind (: but thanks! and i know - i cannot WAIT for snuggles!

  3. Girl, you are still so tiny! But I love the belly picture! And your decorations are so lovely! Maybe that insomnia is preparing you for the midnight feedings. ;)


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