Friday, December 27, 2013

a little 2-week reality check.


i cannot believe our little girl is two weeks old {plus a day!} already...seriously, it seems like we were just taking her home from the hospital yesterday.

i am surprised to see how much has already changed in these short 15 days.  for instance, i now realize that i can survive on a broken-up sleep schedule {knock on wood, but juliet has fallen into a great sleeping pattern: 3 hours down, 1 up to eat, then back down with little to no fussing...i am counting my blessings}.  i also have had to revise some of my expectations for myself.  i am a doer: i feel most complete and accomplished when i get things done, and i will usually push myself to do so...but nowadays, there is someone way more important than that extra load of laundry, or the floor which desperately needs to be swept, etc.  and so?  i give myself a break.  as long as my baby is fed and safe, my day is complete.  dinner will figure itself out {especially when my parents stop by to feed us (:...thank you again!}.

also, you know all of those "i will never..." statements that you think up when you think of what you will/ won't do with your child?  some are worth sticking by definitely, but others may need to be revised.  i swore up, down, right and left that i would never give my kids a pacifier. {when i was a kid, i used one for too long and it made me have speech problems later which had to be corrected in therapy...read: "hi! i'm thephanie."...}  but you know what?  pacifiers work, people, and if it soothes my baby and helps her sleep i am all in.  

i am also very thankful for the little things in my day...the cup of coffee i enjoy during her morning nap, the books i read to her as she's falling asleep {this morning it was are you my mother?}...my sister coming over whenever i need an extra set of hands and literally doing anything i need in return for a few minutes of baby-holding.  heidi: you are a gem!

so this is life nowadays!  and i couldn't be happier (:

hope you all enjoy your weekend!


  1. oh juliet, such a beauty! love reading the update. and i will be in touch soon to schedule another visit :)

  2. Sounds great! Sounds like you are falling into motherhood well :) As for pacifiers?!?! Life. Savers! My kids "grow up" and throw theirs away on their 3rd bday. But you can obviously do whatever you would like :) Sweet baby! I would hold her too if I were closer!

  3. oh my goodness, she is precious!! enjoy these days so much!! i know everyone says this, but i can't believe how quickly they pass!

    and i had some of those "never wills," too! especially the paci one. and then i tried SO hard to get her to take a paci, because you'll do anything for a happy baby, right?! she never would take one. so turns out... it was her rule and not mine, after all ;)

    ps!!! you won the BRIKA giveaway from my blog!! yay!! would you mind dropping me a little email so i can get your info to get you your $25 credit to shop at BRIKA? beebee-at-lifeofcharmings.com!!


  4. Hooray for binkies! I have eaten my words many times as well as a parent. It's what you do! ;) I wish I could be there to see you in action! Sounds like you're rockin' it- like I knew you would. Hooray for such a loving and supportive family as well! Keep these posts and pictures coming!


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