Saturday, September 7, 2013

welcome, weekend!

i feel that this weekend is just full of potential.

we have been thoroughly enjoying ourselves this week, and i feel so well-rested that i am now ready to tackle some projects and get my creative side working.

i have a lot planned, which i love...there is something truly inspiring about keeping busy in my mind.   there is a wall which will get some color, floors which will be washed {am i the only one who puts off this chore until it literally cannot be avoided?}, crafts to begin, and a few recipes to try.

here are a few delicious things i am going to try to whip up this weekend:

Everything Bagels
{image and recipe via: abeautifulmess}

we have been stopping into a cute bagel bakery close by home for a few weekends now on our way to our weekly grocery shopping, and i love the tradition.  i have always been curious however, about making bagels myself: and truth be told, i am always a little disappointed in the cinnamon to raisin ratio in my CR bagels...so i will be attempting this recipe tomorrow morning, modifying the flavors, and of course loading them up with cinnamon (:

next up: granola!   {another recipe} i loooove granola.  i love the possibilities of adding new flavors, and i don't think it can be messed up too easily.  one tip i will share right off the bat: if you add coconut flakes, wait until there are only about 5-6 minutes of baking left because those little guys like to burn. 

i'll be back soon with updates, but right now i have some serious progress to make.  enjoy your weekend! 

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