Thursday, September 5, 2013

holiday week.

a little while ago, we decided to cash in some time off from work and kick it at home for a few days...and this is just what we've been up to.  and it's been amazing.

we don't usually take time off and not take a 'real' vacation, since we're all about getting out and seeing people, new places, etc...but this time we just felt the need to relax and decompress. 

also, it completely worked out in that randomly - all in the same week - one of my dearest friends + her husband, my middle sister, also plus husband, and jordan's brother and crew are all visiting the area this week.  what luck, right?   so far we've been to 2 beach parties, eaten some fresh {as in off-the-boat-that-morning-fresh} crabs...none for the preggo sadly...hung out at my parents' house for a night with the sister, enjoyed lazy mornings with big mugs of coffee, had a fun girls night gabbing and eating {em: next time there will be wine!}, cooked some good meals {pics soon} and it's only thursday!

it's these times, these little moments, the 'nothing fancy' parts of life that we really try our best to soak up.  it's not always easy, but i believe in my heart of hearts that this is what this crazy life is all about.

i hope you're having a great week as well.

also, i hope you like ribs and margaritas because i have recipes for both on deck.

enjoy your thursday (:

paris, 2011

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