Wednesday, September 11, 2013

28 weeks.

twenty-eight weeks!  one week for every year of my life, now that i think about it.  that's a lot!

this week baby girl and i have been on a business trip in miami...she's becoming a well-traveled little lady already!   aside from having some seriously good {and huge} lunches, we didn't do anything crazy- i basically walked between my hotel and the office all week...but hey, it was a pretty walk (:  i did manage to squeeze in a club soda & cranberry happy hour with a girlfriend though, which was great.

anyway, i just got back tonight and am pooped, so my apologies for the lame post.  hopefully some belly pics will make up for my lack of energy.

you can't hide, baby!

i crack myself up.

hey there baby girl...i know two people who cannot wait to meet you!
hope you enjoy your wednesday, friends.

oh!  by the way!  i  made the bagels!  my camera sadly was out of commission that morning, but that just means i'll have to make some more to document.  stay tuned!


  1. your hair is so long!! and..you've been upping your weights, I can tell. J- your hair looks good too..!


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