Wednesday, September 26, 2012

wednesday...feels like a friday

good morning friends!

today feels like a friday mainly because it's our last full day of work this week - yessssss.

tomorrow mid-day we're heading up to connecticut for my cousin's wedding, which is an event all in and of itself, except we've also managed to schedule...some morning golf, hopefully a quick trip into hartford, a rendezvous with another cousin and their cute family in NY, a fun night in DC with an old friend and a little sister, some seriously good food {duh}.  oh yeah, we like to pack it in.

anyhoo- i hope your week is moving right along...or staying put...however you like it to be, that's my wish for you.

and finally, a shout out this morning to our sweet niece ESTHER!

this babydoll is one year old today...seems like forever ago when i snapped this shot...

also {we were just sent a video to prove it} this little lady is walking as of today or late last night!
yay esther!  {but really, don't you think you're growing up a little bit too fast?  let's talk this over sometime}


  1. sounds like the perfect getaway! enjoy!

  2. Esther sends her approval of this blog post! She promises to stop growing so quickly now that Auntie Stephanie has asked so nicely. :)

    Have fun on your trip!

  3. What a fabulous weekend you have planned! And guess what?!?! I get to see you the weekend after that! ;)


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