Tuesday, August 28, 2012


this post goes out to my favorite middle sister emily, woop!

oh hey there

i didn't want to share anything before she gave the green light, but em has been going through some really tough times.  seeing however that she has started her own blog chronicling life and what's going on in it, i feel it's a good a time as any to send a little blog lovin her way.

so, next time you're 'surfboarding the internets' as my father in law believes all young people do, swing by sweetninnymuggins for an update.  you might wet your pants however, b/c one thing that this illness hasn't been able to touch is em's sense of humor. 

love you, em.  


  1. It's true. She's pretty darn funny! Love you gals and your family! Many prayers your way!

  2. thanks for the love, favorite older sister o' mine! Btdubs, dang thing. Took me 10 minutes to figure out how to post on this. and how do I follow you? I feel old. How do I work the internet...


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