Saturday, August 18, 2012

new leaf

 i've been thinking a lot about this blog, and my purpose behind it.

i love that this has been an effective way to stay in touch with far away friends, and for that i feel ok about my random life posts, together of course with my love for cleaning {who knew?}...

but to be honest, i have felt that this forum lacked real direction.  and when i sit down to truly think it over, the things outside of my friends & family which get me going the most are food and where you eat it. 

so there might be a few growing pains {bear with me} as i transition to a more concise message.

to kick things off, please enjoy the new layout, together with a photo that upon closer review appears to catch me smooching my ice cream.  hey, it was delicious.  you would've kissed it too.

also, in keeping with the new theme, look out for a recipe heading your way later today...

stay tuned!! (:

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