Sunday, July 8, 2012

summer salads

this year, we're expanding our definition of salad

saturday's dish was one of our new faves: quinoa tabbouleh.
it's just your normal tabbouleh {tomatoes, cukes, red onion...}, but we copied my mom's good idea and used quinoa in place of bulghur ...then added whatever else we had:
edamame, peas, jalepenos, and as many fresh herbs as we could chop

this also gives me opportunity to highlight the wonderful bowls we have in our house...they are all
handmade by my talented mother-in-law.  {isn't she great?!}
in fact, all of our bowls and plates in the house have been made by her over the years.
we think they makes everything taste better. 

stay tuned for more salad creations!

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