Saturday, July 28, 2012

something new

a little bit ago, with the help of our good friend JC, we cut our age by about 20 years and experienced one of the most fun things about being a kid

flying a kite!

and not just any kite...a 10-foot wide kite that will {if you know how to fly it} lift you off the ground...it's what they call a jumping kite...

we loved it!  {of course those of us lacking upper-body strength had a little trouble} but the wind was perfect, the weather not too hot and the beach wasn't too crowded.

so. much. fun!

j picked it right up...look at that air ;)

this kite has looong -um- strings? {technical term}...so it was tough to get the kite and the flyer in the same frame, here's the kite itself:

giving it my best shot


got it!!

jc, giving us a little help

and then making it look easy

thanks for a great time jc!


  1. That looks awesome! So glad all the elements came together for a good time! :)


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