Saturday, July 28, 2012


more from the salad series i started a few weeks ago...


easily one of my most favorite salads - i love the freshness of the basil, and the mozz does a great job of filling me up...i also think i saw an idea somewhere to add avocado to this salad- i can't remember where i found that, but it sounds delish

next up: potato salad

i should say right now that neither my dear husband nor i are huge fans of mayo...and since it's usually a main ingredient, we haven't really been "potato salad people"

enter: potato and snap bean salad

the dressing is really just olive oil and lime/lemon juice, jazzed up with some salt & pepper, add a few fresh herbs, onion, and of course the pomme de terre and voila !  a potato salad we can call our own.

it's the little things.

 a few of the 2 million beans from our garden this year

looks tasty, no?

as always, happy eating!!

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