Thursday, March 22, 2012

newest project

sometime last year i decided it's high time to learn how to sew.  clothes keep getting more expensive, and how great would it be to make something that you already know fits your style and bod?  i'm sold.

my mom is an ah-maaazing seamstress, and offered to give me her old machine if i agreed to learn how to sew...the right way...to my impatient self, my normal mode of "learning how to do something" is to jump in with both feet and then ask for help later when i realize how clueless i am...anyway, she jumped the gun on that and laid down the rules, so learn i did.

my first project, a set of big 26" euro shams for our bed turned out really well {now i just need to find some 26" pillows on sale so we can actually use them...those suckers aren't cheap!}

anyway, tonight i stumbled on a site which i love already: http://elleapparel.blogspot.com/

it's run by leanne barlow, a wife & mother and a really talented designer.  and the best part? she offers tutorials to make just about everything you see on her site! first up: her pinwheel skirt, then maybe on to a canvas beach bag {please tell me i'm not the only one who looked at that and said "you can make a beach bag?!"...}