Tuesday, March 20, 2012

blog tag!

one of the main reasons i enjoy keeping this little blog is that it allows me to keep up with friends who i don't see as much as i would like.  one great girlfriend from way back, miss tara, keeps a blog of life in NC with her husband and their awesome dog baxter. seriously: dogs do not get much better than this one.{i am such a sucker for a beagle...}
so this game of tag started when our friend kate tagged tara, who tagged me with the following questions...and at the end of my interview, i get to tag someone else!  ah! so excited (:  

here we go...

1) What do you like least about where you live?
 i live at the beach, so i really don't have room to complain, but if you insist...
the winters here are pretty bleak.  nothing is open, you can't go to the beach, and not to mention it starts getting dark at 4:30.  i am such a summer girl, i don't really care for the winter anywhere, but it especially stings at the beach, since it's such a change from the awesome summer weather.

2) Do you remember your dreams? If so, is there one that sticks out in particular?
sometimes i'll wake up and remember a great dream, or a really scary dream, or something funny, but as soon as i wake jordan up to tell him, it's gone...and then i'm left with a cranky husband, hah
3) What's your favorite love story?
i have to go with my folks on this one.  my parents don't have a love story filled with intrigue or plot twists, they just have that comfortable kind of love, the kind where even as a kid, i could just tell that they were each others best friend.  they're always looking out for each other, and are great parents to my sisters and me...they truly have set the best example for me and my own love story.

4) If you could travel to any place for a month where would you go?
southeast asia, without a doubt.

5) What do you miss most about growing up?
we moved around a lot growing up, and while it was no fun being the new kid over and over, i really do love that i've lived all over the country, from the north {wisconsin} to new england {rhode island}, out west {california}, way south {key west}, then back east to good ol virginia...so i would have to say i miss the new experiences we had in each new place, the different people we met, and the memories we made as a family

6) Fill in the blank: Pets are _________.
on my wish list (:  especially if they're of the canine variety. 
i really can't wait to get one for our very own one day.

7) Would you rather go for a bike ride along the coast or curl up with your favorite person and watch a movie on a rainy day?
bike ride!

8) If you had a million dollars that you had to give away to one person/group, who would you give it to?
this is a great question.  i remember when i was living in richmond, my roommate dana volunteered at a women's shelter teaching the women business skills.  she would help them create a resume, give them tips for interviewing, networking, etc.  i have always admired her for that, because i believe those to be real skills that can hopefully help women in need carve out a life for their own without having to rely on what could be an unhealthy supporter. i would give my million to any organization which promotes the general education and empowerment of women in our communities. 

9) What's your favorite fast food place?
ah.  easy: chik-fil-a.  spicy chicken deluxe and a lemonade?  paper-bag-perfection.

10) I am ______ as I write this blog post.
waiting for my sister heidi to come over for dinner!  so excited to see this kid while she's 
home on spring break.  {and also a little jealous that she still has a spring break...}

ok, so now it's my turn to tag...i'm going with:

these lovely friends get to answer the following:
1. if you were an animal, which would you be?
2. if you could have dinner with anyone who would it be? {i know this one is cliche, but i always love to hear people's answers to this!}
3. what would you say is the flaw in yourself you would most like to correct?
4.  where do you see yourself this time next year?
5. fill in the blank: when i have an afternoon totally to myself, i like to ______
6. are you a chocolate or vanilla kind of person?
7. would you {or have you} ever traveled solo?  would you? why/why not?
8.  tell me about the best date you ever had.
9. which song has been running through your head lately?
10. did you make any resolutions this year?  how are they going?

thanks for playing, friends!  and thanks for the tag, TG (:

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