Thursday, October 25, 2012

an admission

so  i don't know if you've heard, but there is a very large, very inconvenient storm progressing up the east coast of the US as we sit.

and, if you remember from my constant reminders, we have a trip to europe to take.

i'm not liking the combination here.

i spent the majority of today checking noaa and the weather channel, and then being grumpy about what i read.  not cool.

i have spent soooo much time planning this trip, it's one week away! and then a somewhat-major hurricane?  not ok.

and you know: i'm not happy with how i'm dealing with things.  jordan is all "we don't know which way the storm will turn", and my mom says "stephanie: the airline will re-route you and everything will be ok"...and i'm still here, wearing my sassy pants and my sad hat thinking that somehow, because of a little rain, our trip is ruined.

ok, but here is where i get it together and grow up.

i am starting to notice an interesting pattern to our trips.

exhibit A:  february, 2010.  a little trip to lake tahoe to visit one of jordan's bff's.  to say that got off to a rocky start is being kind: our flight was cancelled because of too much snow/ ice on the runway and the plane itself {yes, in va we only have one de-icer at the airport...another issue for another day}...anyhoo on our way home from the airport, we hit some ice on the highway and totaled j's jeep.  not a good day.  so we came home, ordered papa john's, and re-booked our flights for the next week.  and?  it was the best.  the snow was perfect, we didn't break any bones skiing, we were able to hang with some really great friends, eat great food {note: lake tahoe has some banging breakfast places!  try them.  do it.}, and not once did it matter that we were there one week after we were "supposed to".  ah.  it was great.  so that was luck, right?

enter our honeymoon.  with me now?  and this too turned out to be marvelous.  and i tell you what: i am a prize packer now after that ordeal: i am carrying on 90% of what i need for this next trip {mainly to save room in my bag for all that spanish wine!  shhh, don't tell customs...}  this can't be a coincidence.

ok, so now with sandy bearing down on us, i kind of wonder: could we be so lucky?  3 times with trouble at the start only to lead to great results.  i don't know, and i won't know until next week, but having thought more about our history, i have a little bit better outlook about how next week might play out.

stay tuned! (:


  1. I certainly hope you guys have everything work out in your favor! You deserve it! :) Best wishes!

  2. There is a grand tradition of vacation disasters ending up well. Witness our honeymoon and also Ros and Billy's I believe!! They'll get you there somehow and you'll have a blast.


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