Sunday, June 9, 2013

it's summertime!

i love summer, don't you?  so far we've spent some fun afternoons at the beach, hanging out with friends, keeping our garden alive, and cooking some good meals.

here are a few snaps of our life these days.

 ^^tell me about it^^

when life gives you lemons...you bake them.

have you tried coconut oil from TJ's?  if you do, spread it on some cut peaches, grill said peaches, top with ice cream and thank me later.

just so you don't think all we eat are sweets, here is the dinner which preceded the peach dessert.
chicken recipe from saveur, found here.  served with brown rice and black beans, recipe on its way (:

i hope you're all enjoying the warm weather and sunny days!


  1. Ok- you need to stop it with all these delicious foods! :)

  2. Looks fabulous! I wish I had a green thumb....

  3. wow! everything looks so plush. nice work, lady!


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