Saturday, February 2, 2013

lavender sachets.

 long story short: a few months ago, i found moth evidence in our closet.
i was so upset.  i mean, to me, moths are just dirty.
not to mention, the destruction they can do.

  i spent a good week clearing everything out, vacuuming, washing down shelves and floors, and then washing just about everything in the closet.  oy.

of course, once that was done i wanted to make sure that those ugly bugs didn't come back, so i started looking up moth remedies.  do you know how bad moth balls are for you?  google it sometime- it's crazy.  they're basically little balls of chemicals which emit fumes that moths hate.  that part is ok, but those fumes are super bad for non-moths too, so i had to think of something else.  

my father in law brought us a big piece of cedar wood, and j cut it down for me into tiny pieces that i stuffed into corners and under piles of jeans...so that helped {also i adore the smell of cedar}, but i wanted more.  i wanted those moths to regret ever coming over to our house.  so i did a little more research and lo and behold, another thing which moths don't like but i do? lavender!

 also, the holidays were coming up, so i decided to make lots of little lavender
sachets and give them as gifts...win-win!

here's the how-to

start by getting some dried lavender buds {i found these on amazon}

next i made some really basic little pouches...basically, i cut a piece of cotton muslin into little squares/ rectangles...i made different shapes...usually, they were about 4x6 inches or 4x4 inches.

fold those pieces in half, and sew up two of the sides {remember to back-stitch at the end of
the side otherwise the sachet might come undone}...leave one side open.

then, flip the little pouches inside-out so you don't see the thread!
{the bottom of the sachet is the side that you folded}

next, you need to add the lavender to the little pouches...i had a tough go with this until i made a little cone...much easier.  don't fill the sachets all the way however, because you still need to sew up the last side.

 so now your little bags are filled with buds and ready to be closed up!

i'm not a great seamstress, so i do not know how to close up the sachet without having the thread
showing on the outside...so i just picked a fun color of thread and closed
them up the way i know how (:

here is the finished product, now safely tucked away in all of my drawers.

if you make these, let me know how they work for you!! 

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  1. What a lovely solution! I hope I never need a moth remedy, but if I do, I'll give it a shot. :)


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