Sunday, December 9, 2012


so it's been about a month since we arrived home from our fabulous trip to spain...and already i find myself dreaming of our next adventure.

i am so pumped for all of the trips we have ahead of us.  being dreamers and travelers {but mainly dreamers}, jordan and i talk constantly about new places to visit, people to meet, and {of course} food to try. 

we have collected a little wishlist of trips for the years ahead...i know they are a while off, but it never hurts to start getting excited early (:

top on our list:
a wedding next summer in lake tahoe {woop woop!  yay jonathan and claire!}
a family trip with my parents in 2015 {destination: surprise!}
a family trip with our little ones across the US {i did this when i was younger and we moved from CA to FL ...it was awesome}
southeast asia...a MUST

like i said, we're dreamers. 

where are you going next?  where have you been?  where should we consider? 

happy wandering, friends!


  1. I'm just grateful you're considering Utah on your way to Tahoe. :)

    I LOVED our honeymoon cruise to the Caribbean. We stopped in Jamaica and Grand Cayman. Also, from my memories when I was 9 years old, I think your also love Great Britain. That's pretty much the extent of my travels. :)

  2. We dream all the time too. I wanna go on a cruise again. It was pretty fun!


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