Tuesday, November 20, 2012

barcelona, spain.

well, barcelona you did not disappoint.

you were everything i remembered, and as always, you're full of surprises. 

please sit back and enjoy a photo tour of a day in the life of some very lucky wanderers.

olive trees everywhere...in this case, right outside the store where i bought some shoes.

the boqueria market, full of ham - that is one happy husband

well hello little bar that popped out of nowhere. don't mind if we do!

always lovely, i'd never seen parc guell at dusk.  we had a lively hike up to the park...it may or may not have had to do with our directional abilities, but we got there- just in time, and it was a hit.

this had to be the greatest surprise/ recommendation ever.  our friend ben likes to eat & drink as much as we do, and he was right on the money recommending can paixano.  a tiny narrow bar, down by the water, with cheap tapas and 5 euro bottles of cava.  yes.

stay tuned for a practical take on spain, coming up later this week!

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  1. Very fun! So glad it was everything you hoped for!


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