Wednesday, May 23, 2012

old friends

i have to admit how stoked i am that not one, but two of my friends from way back when found their way to this corner of the net.  looking forward to catching up on the goings-on of mary {i dare you to not laugh out loud at some of the posts from this girl...you are seriously a great writer, M...keep it up}, and emily whose family gets cuter with each new addition. 


  1. Aw yay!!!! I am so excited to watch yours too!!! Thanks for the shout out! Hopefully, I can keep you entertained too ;)

  2. dang, i love you. this made me realize the last time i wrote a thing was FEBRUARY?!?!? sheesh. i feel slightly inspired to update. hah!

  3. It's true, Mary needs to update WAY more often! :) Fun times!


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