Saturday, February 18, 2012

spice it up

yesterday when we got home from work, there was a package at the door {side note: i frequently find myself anticipating packages at the door, who doesn't love getting mail?!}...anyhoo- this one was from penzeys, which made my day even more!

penzeys, for those who aren't familiar, is just about the greatest thing to happen to spices. ever.  their products are all top notch.  i've never really been impressed with spices like this before: trader joe's has some good products, but their selection is so limited, and i just really don't see anything to fuss about over the usual spices you see in stores.  they don't wow me.  but penzeys?  penzeys will wow. 

this time, i had ordered some staples: herbes de provence, a few paprikas, tarragon, some fun peppers, bay leaves (from turkey, i don't think even one was broken- we got 1 oz for $3.15.  yes, you read right.  three-fifteen.  and one oz is by weight, people, so that's about the quantity of 3  jars you might buy in stores...great product and great value, can. not. beat. it.)...and i also tried some new things: galangal for one, which i'm looking forward to trying in some thai food soon.

their site is no-frills, but you get a hand-signed "thank you" with every order, and they sometimes throw in a freebie of something new!

so needless to say, i'm looking forward to some good cooking this long weekend.

along with some shopping, perhaps?  see some friends, maybe a nap or two?   i am loving this weekend already.

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