Saturday, October 29, 2011

ahhh, food...

well, the birthday dinner was amazing.
we went to terrapin which is a place close to home that we've always had our eye on.

it was so delish.  jordan and i loooove to eat...seriously, a lot of our conversations revolve around new meals to try, favorite dishes, and of course what's for dinner tonight {roasted veggies over pasta with homemade marinara, as it were}...i also feel that it's one of the cornerstones of our relationship.  so many great memories were made in our little kitchen.

anyway, for dinner at terrapin, we both opted for the four-course tasting menu.  we both started with a fennel soup {with a drizzle of orange oil}  //  seconds were green curry mussels for me & foie gras for j  //  thirds were the best beef tenderloin pour moi & duck two ways for jordan- crispy and confit  //  for dessert i went with the special- how could i not, there was bacon in the ice cream: what?? ...and jordan got the ice cream sampler.

the service was outstanding, lots of laughs, and honestly some of the best food we've had out in a while.  all in all, the night was perfection.

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